Healthy Conversation, With Editor-In-Chief of Womanly Magazine, Attia Taylor

Attia Taylor, Editor-In-Chief Womanly Magazine

On the agenda is a conversation with Attia Taylor, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Womanly Magazine, a print magazine that delivers important health information to women of color and binary people through the use of art.

Join us as we talk to Attia about her journey as an artist, women’s health advocate and daughter that inspired her to create the gorgeous, scientifically sound all around super-dope magazine created to fill the information gaps we often see in our communities.

“…it felt natural for me to look to other creatives to build a publication that could reach people through art – whether that be through film, music, literary, or visual art. It’s a bit like hiding the medicine in the food.” – Attia Taylor

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Recorded at Brooklyn Podcasting Studio